The Team

Shawn Simpson
Instructor - Black Belt 3rd Dan

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Shaun started training in Karate and Kung Fu back 1984, over the years he has obtained many belts within those forms of Martial Arts but is now solely dedicated to kickboxing here at the High Wycombe Kickboxing Club.

He received his first Black Belt within Kickboxing in December 1992 and went on to complete his Black Belt 2nd Dan in December 2000, most recently achieving his Black Belt 3rd Dan grade in December 2008. He is committed to helping our student’s progress through balanced and varied training sessions and achieving their maximum potential using successful methods that have been refined and perfected for over 25 years.

Ellis Robinson
Instructor - Black Belt 2nd Dan

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Ellis started kickboxing in 2003 and has been a loyal and valued member of the club for over 15 years. He received his first Black Belt in 2007 and went on to achieve his Black Belt 2nd Dan grade in December 2008. Since achieving his Black Belt 2nd Dan he has become a fully-fledged instructor at the club working alongside Shaun Simpson to grow and nurture the club for the community. Ellis is passionate about providing a safe and encouraging environment for students to realise their potential. He is a firm believer in…speed doesn’t matter forward is forward.
Charlotte Robinson
Club Assistant/Manager

Charlotte Robinson - Club Manager

Charlotte has been around the club predominantly as a spectator since 2008 when she first met Ellis but has recently become a main member of the team. She is currently working towards each of her belts, assisting with children’s sessions and is the primary contact for all things club related. Charlotte is passionate about building a club for the community, she believes that everyone from all walks of life should have the opportunity to experience and learn a Martial Art and will go out of her way to make a dream become a reality.


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